Sunday, February 10, 2013

Baby Baby please don't marry me

I think I have mentioned before that I have a number of failed marriages behind me, and my current one is a little on the rocks, to say the least, most days.  
Have I mentioned this before?  or is this new information?   I'm a little if I haven't mentioned this before...well, I am now.
It is true.
I am a marriage failure!

I used to believe that there is ONE person meant for each of us and that when we find that ONE, we better do it right because it won't come around again...  Maybe that's true, I don't know.  I used to think that #2 was "the ONE" but now, when I see him and have to actually speak to him or interact with him, I wonder what the hell?  He is so mean.  Then again, I think he hates me for leaving him, so maybe he has a reason to be mean.  Maybe he was always mean?  Yes!!!
..... why am I saying that like I don't know if he was mean or not?  He was mean.  He was mean to my daughter.  He was mean to me.  He's a mean person.
I must be crazy to think that he's the ONE that I will never get over.  (oh, by the way, #2 is my son's father)  The end of that marriage was not entirely my fault.  He made it impossible.   Did I mention he is mean? 
I actually had a family member recently tell me that if I would have stayed in that marriage, she doesn't think I would have survived...... I'll leave that to your imagination......

In my life, I have not had much luck finding "the ONE"  Since I thought #2 was it and he turned out to be something else, I've just kinda sucked at finding anyone decent to date, much less decent marriage material.  It's not their fault.... #3 and #4, I mean.  It's mine.  All mine.  You don't gotta marry someone just cuz they ask you.  Just say NO!

Since I've started evaluating my life and my failed marriages, i've come to the conclusion that:


Maybe I've always known this? 
and that's not a bad thing.  That doesn't make me a bad person....It just means that I don't need to be married.  Does it really take a genius to figure that one out? 

Ok, I'm going to sortof get off topic for just a moment or two....but it all will come together...
For whatever reason, I love love love Mac Davis.....(my age shows now, right?)
I was listening to some of his songs the other day and remember how much I love this one.
by the way...isn't he sexy?  Anyhoo..... while singing along, I quickly found myself changing up the lyrics as I sang.....  here is what I came up with....

Boy, You're gettin' that look in your eyes
And it's startin' to worry me
No, I ain't made for those family ties
So you really shouldn't marry me
Just keep it friendly, boy, or please, just turn and leave
Don't start clingin' to me, boy, cause I can't breathe

Baby, baby, please don't marry me
Baby, baby, please don't marry me
I'll be unhappy then I'll set you free
Baby, baby, please don't marry me

Boy, I'm a hot-blooded woman-child
And marriage is not what I need
But I can tell by your tremblin' smile
You're expecting way too much of me
Boy, don't let your life get tangled up with mine
'cause I'll just leave you, I can't take no clingin' vine
Baby, baby, please don't marry me
Baby, please just turn and walk away
You're not the one for me and marriage stinks
Baby, baby, please don't marry me
I know, I know what you are thinking.....I am a cruel person.  Hmm.... maybe so, but not half as cruel as those I've chosen to marry.  Maybe if I'd waited, the ONE would have showed up.  But I didn't.  And he didn't.  And here I am.  Changing lyrics to songs to fit my warped mind. 
Hey, we all do what we need to do to keep us sane in a cruel world.  This made me laugh.  And it's my blog.....I hope you got a chuckle, as I did.
and I love you Mac Davis


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  1. I agree, I think there are people that are not meant to get married. I never wanted to, I loved my husband, but never really cared if we were married, then the pressure from family and friends came and I caved. Now I wish I would not have. I have no desire to ever marry again and people look at me like I am an alien. I don't see the point. I want to be with someone, but not married. I want a relationship that I enjoy and want to be in, but don't need the paper to tell me it is real.