Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Jodi Arias you suck but I can't stop watching this story

I am writing this under the influence.
Under the influence of what, you might ask?????

Well I will tell you...

I am on my second drink of rum, orange/pineapple juice, and grenadine mixture.  I don't know what the name of this drink is.....all I know, is it is good and I like it.   It relaxes me in the evening AND makes me talk.....A LOT!


if you don't know Jodi Arias, then PLEASE, google her and read the story

she stabbed her ex-boyfriend/lover 29 times, shot him and slit his throat....blah blah blah
Read the story.....

Jodi, you are a frkn nut case.  C'mon.  If this jury finds you NOT GUILTY, I will protest.  (not really, but it will piss me off!)  I feel like I am watching the Casey Anthony trial all over again.....

I feel like you're going to get off and will walk free.  And I don't like that at all.....

Here is my take on this whole story.

You and Travis liked sex.  Apparently.  O' two loved sex.
Seriously, it's disgusting
Can you say A.D.D.I.C.T.I.O.N??  That's what this was!
A sexual addiction.  For was the sex and what you were willing to do....
Travis didn't love you.....
For was the attention and the thought of someone loving you.

Maybe you wanted more.  Longed for more..... Maybe he didn't
You were pathetic and desperate, so you did things that he fantasized about
You fulfilled his he kept you around....duh
Sex.  It was the glue that kept this thing together
You two loved it....Ok, some do.  Some don't.
Some like it a lot.  Some like to do wierd things.  Some like to try new things.
some like the mediocre sex, and some like wild sex.
There's no question as to what the two of you liked.  S.E.X.
You were a lonely, poor soul.
You needed validation and you longed for someone to love you.
You had been through numerous empty, unfullfilling relationships
You had a horrible, horrible childhood.
You had no parental guidance and love
You were desperate
You were lonely...then enter Travis Alexander....

Let me just say this....
I don't care what went on between the two of you.
You are a slut.
Look at you in court, as compared to the pics of you before this murder.
You look so sweet an innocent now....but your'e not.

Self defense?  Hell no.
You let him manipulate you.  Maybe
You let him use you.  Maybe
Truth is ..... being used is no excuse for murder

He used you to fulfill his fantasies  Maybe.
And you let him
You used him to fulfill your fantasies  Maybe
and he let you

You spent an afternoon having wild sex and taking photos.
He didn't force you......You drove over a thousand miles to do this.....
Then, when you found out he was still taking another woman on a trip instead of you....
you got pissed off....YOU KILLED HIM!

believe me....I understand you getting pissed off.
I've been there.   I've been used.  I've been last on the list.
.....  BUT GOOD GRIEF  I didn't kill anyone

I had sense enough to walk away.......and not kill the sorry bastard.
and you know what?  Though my life sucks at the moment...I am still better off than that sorry jerk
and I'm not having to go through a frkn trial for murder. 

Was it worth it all, Jodi?

Jodi, I hope you go to prison.  This poor man is not around to tell his story.  Because you killed him.
You need to rot in hell.

I can say that you should have been strong enough....
you should have respected yourself enough to walk away
walk away if it was so abusive


ok I am going to close here because
#1, I have to go to the bathroom
#2, I'm afraid I'm not making sense
#3, this whole trial pisses me off
and #4, I've had enough to drink

sorry if I offended anyone.

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