Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My son....turning 17

Today is my son's 17th birthday.

We didn't have a big party, in fact, we didn't do a thing.
He and I usually go to "town" an hour away... he invites a friend, we go eat, we go to the mall and he picks out his present, then we do whatever he wants to do to celebrate. 

This year however, the time to "celebrate" was this past weekend and he chose instead, to go watch the Junior girls and boy's basketball team play in the Conference tournament.  So.... he spent Saturday at games, then Sunday I baked him a birthday cake.

Today is his day....and he spent it at home in bed SICK.   Missed school.
Sick on his birthday....how fun.

Just as well....

I think he needed today to himself, I think

last night was pretty rough.  Emotional.  I know I said in a previous post that it was the last ballgame of the season, and it was......but this week started tournaments and to be honest, I didn't think we would be participating, as we have had a pretty lousy season.  But, we went, we played and we lost.

When we got in my car to head out on the hour long trip home, he laid the seat back, put earphones in his ears and turned, facing the door.  I asked him if he was ok and all he said, (tearfully) was "Mom, I don't want to talk about the game"

It was a long, long, long drive home.

I wanted to talk about it. 
He was shutting me out.  Keeping it all in.  He was hurting.  I was hurting for him...

Damn coach!


though this year's birthday was uneventful, he says it's ok.  I gave him money, and a card.  We had a sweet moment......

We spoke about the game briefly......  He will survive.

All is good.

My son is an awesome kid.  Awesome.  Awesome.

I can't believe he is 17.  He's grown so fast.

this Momma is proud.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful son.  I love you dearly

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