Thursday, February 14, 2013

First Fitness - Day 1

Several months ago, after reading many a Facebook post about folks losing weight with First Fitness products, I decided
I   W.A.N.T   T.O   D.O   T.H.I.S

It's weird because I've never believed in a miracle weight loss program.  I always said you just need to get up and get moving and watch what you eat.   Simple.  But I am desperate.
Honestly, it was 5 months before I had the money to order the stuff.  It's crazy, I know, but I want to do something.  I am hoping this will give me that boost I desperately need...while also teaching me new things to eat....good things.  Food that's good for me. 

It sounded easy enough, so....I'm in.

My goal is to lose 20 pounds....but after weighing today at work, 25 would be more like it.  Apparently, I've gained 5 pounds I didn't know about.  25 pounds is a little much, so I've now decided that if I lose 10, I will happy.  If I lose 15, I will be frkn estatic....and 20?  If I lose 20 pounds, I will be uncontrollably uncontrollable.  I am serious.  20 pounds will put me over the edge.  I will be so full of myself, and the hubs best hide my credit cards, for I will be doing some major shopping.

so, today is day 1 of 30.  Here is how it went down

First of all, I spent some extra dollars at the grocery store yesterday.   I say extra, though it was nothing that I wouldn't want to eat.  It's just stuff that only I would eat.  Lots of salad fixins... fruit.  And green veggies.  No one in my family will eat these things, so I don't normally buy them.   This is why I say it's "extra" dollars.  For most people, it may be everyday grocery items.  No biggie.

It took me a little while last night, to figure out my meal plans. I have a meal plan guide and menu to go by, but figuring out what I'm eating and when, took me some time.  For the average person, probably not....but I'm not average.  You got your meal replacement shakes, snacktime shake, veggies, salads, breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.  Hey, it was confusing.

I forgot to take the meds last night that would make me go poop this morning.  Lord knows I need extra help in this department...... hopefully I won't forget again.

For breakfast, I took a pill early, then had a meal replacement shake before I left for work.  Didn't have my coffe that I'm used to.  that's tough.  I can have coffee, but I have to use a sugar substitute, which I don't have, so I skipped it altogether. 

Mid morning snack was a fat burning flavored.

Lunch....I forgot my pill I'm supposed to take before lunch.  But I had another meal replacement shake.

By mid afternoon, I was starving....  was it all in my head?  Was it because I knew I couldn't eat? 

Dinner tonight was a salad, consisting of various lettuce, cucumbers and brocolli, with Lite Ranch dressing.  I also had steamed asparagus.  (yummy)  And water to drink, with a flavor packet of Black Raspberry-Grape.

Right now, it's been almost 3 hours since we ate, and I still feel full and satisfied. 
Oh, my husband had chicken alfredo and garlic bread.  Was it hard to resist?  Yes.  I cannot lie
And the Red Velvet Cupcakes I made for the family, also made it hard.

I have high hopes for this diet.  In fact, I can't remember being this excited in a long time.
I know, I'm strange.

I didn't mention that I started working out on my ellipticle last week.  I'm doing 15 minutes PLUS, a 15 minute work out on the Total Gym.  These things I do every morning.

I don't know how this will turn out, but I am totally committed.
I decided to log my progress....Not each and every day....but some.

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